Monday, February 16, 2009

"Celebrate" - Illustration Friday - 02.13.2009

I've been on the Illustration Friday's mailing list for maybe a year now, but I've never contributed - until now!

And now you see why I don't do art. This is supposed to illustrate the current topic of "Celebrate." I thought of stars shooting up into the sky like fireworks. Then I thought why couldn't the stars themselves be celebrating? So, that's why they're wearing party hats. Yeah, I know a seven-year old could have drawn this, but, what the hey, it's all in good fun.


Tracy said...

it never matters how "good" or "bad" your art is.. someone out there (besides yourself) will love the work. i think you did a great job with this weeks challenge. keep it going!

Bella Sinclair said...

Are you kidding?? This is ADORABLE! The whimsy and innocence are pure joy. I, for one, really do love it.

I'm so glad you decided to join in the fun this week. That's reason to celebrate. :D

get zapped said...

I like it. It has a sense of whimsy and makes me smile :]

lacey said...

This is awesome! I love your star people!! They celebrate and they help other people celebrate too!!!!