Monday, January 26, 2009


Once upon a time, I made a glorious batch of chili. The leftovers were frozen and enjoyed for many months after. When all the chili was gone, I made it again. It cooked all evening and all night long. The next morning it was just as tasty as the first batch so I took a serving with me to work for lunch. I enjoyed my chili lunch very much, that day. However, in addition to cooking all the previous evening and all the previous night we decided to let it cook all that day while we were at work. We came home to a crock pot containing a giant blackened tumor. Down the toilet it went.

I recently made it a third time. This time we cooked it just the right amount of time and it tasted wonderful, even with a few deviations from our regular chili recipe due to buying crushed tomatoes instead of pureed and only having one teaspoon of salt in the whole place. We cheered and we dreamt about all the chili we would be having for dinners and lunches in the days and months to come. However, the next morning when we saw the chili still sitting on the counter and not in the fridge where it should have been, all our dreams were dashed. It is still sitting there, even now, because neither of us want to throw away a mass of rotten chili. It's not a pleasant task. I'm thinking about calling Mike Rowe from "Dirty Jobs" to ask him to come over and do it for us.


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lacey said...

That is sooo sad! ...but the chili looks great in the photo- makes me want to cook up a batch!