Thursday, February 26, 2009

Curtain Fabric

This is the fabric out of which I'll be sewing some living room curtains. It's Michael Miller's "Fleur Tatto."

I first saw it on and, at $9.25/yd, it was one of the more expensive fabrics I had in my selection of "maybes" for the curtains. I decided to look elsewhere online to see if I could find it cheaper and I did. had it for $6.90/yd! What a deal! I almost bought it right then, but my bf suggested I wait until I looked at some fabric stores here in town. I thought that was a good idea and it was the perfect reason to finally go into Vogue Fabrics on Roosevelt.

I had this image in my mind of Vogue Fabrics being like the Mood fabric store on the show Project Runway, but it wasn't. It was a depressing fabric store. The selection wasn't as large as I thought it would be and it was not good fabric. It was a bunch of old, musty, boring, ugly fabric. But the prices were fabulous!

After that disappointment, I ordered the "Fleur Tattoo" fabric online from Crafter's Vision. In addition to the great price, I was able to add a note during checkout to ask if the fabric could be cut into four pieces of 3 1/4 yard each if a continuous length of 13 yards wasn't possible. I felt very good about this purchase.

The next day, Temera from Crafter's Vision called me about my order. She said they only cut fabric in whole yards. There went my plan to try to make sure I didn't get a seam in an unlikely spot across my curtains. And then she told me something else. She told me if I were to order the whole bolt, which was only an additional two yards, I would get each yard for $6.10 because they offer a whole-bolt discount. It would save me seven dollars total and I'd be getting more fabric. I said "Heck, yes, I'll take the whole bolt!"

This is the first time I've ever bought a whole bolt of fabric and I really hope it is going to work for my curtains. I'm having it delivered to my work (because my home delivery situation is stuff enough for many therapy sessions) and I also really hope it isn't too hard to get a bolt of fabric home on the El train.

It is also the first time I've ever heard of or bought anything from Crafter's Vision. Based on this one shopping experience, I recommend them. The prices are good and so is the service. I was very impressed by that phone call. I am looking forward to shopping with them again.

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Emily said...

I LOVE This fabric. Can't wait to see the finished curtains!