Monday, December 1, 2008


It was a lovely Thanksgiving holiday.

Got off work early on Wednesday and had four wonderful days of free time. It felt like a vacation and being back at work today seemed out of the ordinary after having so much time to relax.

Wednesday night, my boyfriend and I cooked a really delicious red sauce and some amazing meatballs. We were making this for Thanksgiving dinner the next night at my Italian boyfriend's parents house, who, along with the traditional American roast turkey and stuffing, serve all sorts of untraditional foods during the holidays.

The sauce was the best I ever had, as my step-grandmother is fond of saying, and the meatballs were a manly meaty concoction of beef, Italian sausage, and veal. Then we added some reduced wine to the sauce which, in my opinion, caused the sauce to sour. My bf thinks it's some other unknown reason, but it was fine before we added the wine, okay? Then we accidentally left the meatballs cooling on the counter all night. There went our amazing spaghetti and meatballs!

Thursday morning we decided to make lasagna instead. Spinach lasagna. It turned out very well and everything was fine. That evening we stuffed ourselves and enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving at my bf's parents' home with all his close family.

Friday, Black Friday, we slept in and, of course, ended up going shopping. I splurged on a Christmas gift at Jo-Ann Fabrics. Aaron splurged on Guitar Hero 4 for me! I splurged on Christmas wrapping paper even though I had almost made up my mind to make my own this year. Oh, well. Next year I will try harder to be greener.

Saturday and Sunday I worked on my hand-made gifts I'm hoping to finish in time before they need to be sent out.

Today I found out a co-worker got two dogs over the weekend, so the talk was all about dogs. From another co-worker I heard about a grain-free dog food that sounds really great. She feeds it to her dogs and they have the shiniest coats I've ever seen on non-showdog dogs. It's called Halo.

I also thought of a design for a footed dog sweater and I thought of something else I can make for next year's ADA craft fair - soaps!

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