Sunday, November 23, 2008


Yesterday I did something I never thought I'd do. I bought a pair of skinny pants - the kind all the hipsters wear that hug the legs like paint hugs a wall.

Now, I didn't get skinny jeans, although that's what I was actually looking for. Instead I found a skinny black velvet pair. What prompted me to follow this skinny pant trend? It all started with the boots.

I found a pair of waterproof knee-length boots I could wear to work and in which I could walk a mile in style and comfort. After finding them, I spent too much money on them. But I bought more than just the boots, I also bought the right to show them off a bit.

They look great with skirts, but skirts don't look that great on me, and the pants and jeans I already own cover up the boots. That's why I need skinny jeans - so I can wear the pants on the inside of them, not covering them. I have yet to find a pair of skinny jeans that look flattering on me, though, but I'll still keep an eye out.

Could I be on the road to a half-way stylish wardrobe? The city certainly is inspiring me to live up to its standards. I've even been to the same hairdresser two times in a row and have an appointment to see "my" hairdresser next month.

On another note, I decided against participating in the ADA craft fair. After thinking about it logically, I decided there's not enough time before the event to make anything decent, I have to work, and I don't want to lug my wares on the L. There's always next year. Besides, I have increased the amount of my hand-made Christmas gifts to five and finishing them will be taking up any spare time I allow for crafting.

My two younger sisters will be visiting me for the New Year holiday and I am ultra excited about them being here. I'm starting to plan what we'll be doing and a lot of it involves being outside, walking from shop to shop. I hope it's not too painfully cold for them. They are used to Florida's climate, except one of my sisters moved to Michigan a couple of months ago so she is starting to get an idea of what winter is really like.

The lights are going up all over the area of the city where I work and that is getting me even more jazzed about Christmas. I saw a link to some great gift tags with elves on them that can be printed for personal use. Here they are - my early holiday gift to you:

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