Thursday, December 18, 2008


Saturday we looked for some furniture for the place (we need two dressers, one little and one big, a small dining room table, and a futon), but all we came home with were decorations for our Christmas tree, which we also needed because all the tree had on it was lights and candy canes. It was kind of pathetic looking.

But not any more!

Now the tree has glittery poinsettia blossoms, birds, and glittery holly leaves stuck into its branches and it looks beautiful. I also put all my old ornaments on the tree and it was fun to look through them.

The tree could still do with more ornaments so I'm going to keep an eye out for some more bird ornaments.

All the ornaments on my tree except for three are things with wings. There are lots of birds, some butterflies and dragonflies, an angel, two cats, a snowflake, and some ceramic things that remind me of wings, but they are just decorative elements.

The tree also needs a topper. I'm thinking a big red ribbon will look nice.

Most of my Christmas shopping is done. The people left on my list are my boyfriend and one of my cousins.

My boyfriend's relatives and friends are on a different list and still need to be shopped for. I think those people are his responsibility, but I will bug him about them until we get them something.

I'll be sending out Christmas packages this weekend. I know they will get to their destinations after Christmas, but people will still like to get them just the same, I hope.

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lacey said...

your tree is beautiful!!