Monday, November 17, 2008

weekendly 11.14 - 11.17.2008

The weekend was nice. It was full of shopping, a little bit of cleaning, cooking, knitting, playing, and relaxing.

We made fajitas one night and the day after used the chicken and veggies to make quesadillas for lunch. We also made turkey burgers one night. Saturday morning, we had take-out breakfast from a nearby diner and I even got a bowl of soup from one of my favorite soup places. We ate well this past weekend. Which means I really should get on the eliptical trainer more regularly. I didn't get on it at all this weekend, but I had a decent excuse - a sore ankle. I picked up an ankle brace Saturday which helps a lot.

Instead of exercising, I spent my time on the couch either knitting or playing LittleBigPlanet, a video game I'm enjoying a lot. I need more practice at it so maybe this week I can use it as a reward for when I work out.

I'm looking forward to Christmas and I have two, maybe four Christmas presents I will be hand-making this year. I'm also working on something for my cousin's baby due in February, but, in order to finish it, I will need to borrow my bf's mom's sewing maching. And, if I do finish it and I like it too much, I may just keep it for myself.

The dog got a bath late one night because he was extremely rank and we also started building a stand for the television. We already had these beautifully carved legs for it, so we bought wood for the top and the back and stained it last night. The stain should be fully dry in a few days, then we'll give it a light sanding and put it together. This stand will give us an extra foot of space in the living room, which we direly need.

Some additional things I'd like to get done this week are:

- Finish upholstering the chairs

- Box up all the clutter that would do us just as much good stored upstairs in the attic as it would laying around on our floors downstairs.

- Do the giant pile of laundry that is accumulating in the laundry room so I can have the use of my laundry basket again.

- Organize the back room so I can use it as a place to wrap gifts and craft some holiday joy.

That's quite an intimidating list of chores! But getting it done will be well worth the effort. Hopefully I will have the energy, ambition, and motivation finishing all that will take.

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lacey said...

I'm thinking about getting LittleBigPlanet for the PC - it will be my first PC game ever (no playstation)... It looks like an awesome game.