Saturday, November 15, 2008

Todaily 11.15.2008

Saturday was full of plans to get lots of stuff done. Instead, we just got stuff. We went shopping at PetSmart, Target, Joanne's, CVS, World Market, Peet's Coffee, Whole Foods, and World Market again.

PetSmart was fun because I didn't have a headache yet and there were some guys going crazy for rodents. A guy my age had his lips practically pressed upon the glass of a mouse cage, making non-stop kissy noises. Before I realized it was him making that noise, I thought kittens were the ones making it. I wasn't disappointed that there were no kittens. I've seen kittens and I'll see them again, but that was a once-in-a-lifetime show.

I left the man and the mouse alone, as I'm sure they wanted some privacy, turned the corner and saw someone who could have been my father's age feverishly sweet talking a guinea pig. He didn't stop when I passed by. He was really into that guinea pig so he probably didn't even notice me. I hope they'll be happy together.

The rest of the shopping was fun, too. There was a point where I got pretty cranky due to my brains being tumbled about while driving in the truck, but a quick stop at CVS helped me there.

I'm starting to get into the spirit of Christmas shopping and I was kind of on the lookout for some special Christmas wrapping paper - something Christmasy, but not as blatantly Christmasy as most Christmas-themed wrapping papers are. I've got quite a few people on my gift list crossed off, so I've got some wrapping to do.

Now the fajitas are almost ready to eat. Mmmm...

Tomorrow. Tomorrow we will get stuff done.

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