Friday, November 14, 2008

Todaily 11.14.2008

Today I tried a persimmon for the first time ever. It tasted like questionably fresh pumpkin in a more squishy form. I didn't like it. I'm surprised I tasted it, but the girl at work who served it to me went to the trouble of slicing it and putting it on a little plate and everything. How could I refuse such a wonderful gesture?

To reward ourselves for spending a few hours moving things out of the office and into our basement storage unit, we opened a bottle of wine this afternoon at work. I had a cup of coffee instead and I left work ten minutes early. I don't know why, but leaving early feels much more delinquent to me than drinking at work does.

I tried double-pointed needles for my second time and I actually made a bit of progress instead of banishing them into a drawer after a few failed stitches like I did after my first attempt. Now I'm looking for a stretchy cast on. I think the long-tail cast on will do.

After knitting group, my boyfriend and I went grocery shopping at Whole Foods. But, instead of grocery shopping, I detoured to a bowl of soup while he picked up the actual grocery items we were supposed to be getting. I did some Christmas shopping, got coffee beans, then met up with him at the checkout. I love Whole Foods because where else can a person get raw chicken and a pair of Earth boots at the same place? And I love my boyfriend even more because he doesn't make me shop for groceries.

Today was a wonderful day!

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