Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wednesday Pink - Garden Gloves

We did gardening recently. We have our back patio that contains dirt and used to contain weeds.

I cleared out the weeds and got it looking a little more respectable.

After digging out the weed bushes that I couldn't pull out by hand, we put in some sod and plants. I wanted irises so I got irises.

We also wanted some shade plants so I put in a hostas, foxglove, and, in the pot, Lily of the Valley.

My bf wanted some herbs and peppers. We put basil, serrano, and another kind of pepper that I don't remember in a separate container. They are doing great!

We also planted some peas and we got a peapod the other day!

The gardening isn't done yet. Next to the irises I put in some hydrangeas I rescued from the garbage at work and we have a hibiscus tree - we aren't sure if any of those are going to survive. We also got three types of flowering vines we hope to use to block out our view of the neighbor, but we haven't planted them yet, and I want to get some trailing flowers to hang off the balcony.

Hopefully we'll get all that done soon so we can enjoy the patio more when summer finally gets here!

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lacey said...

your garden looks beautiful!!